Monday, March 10, 2008


I am going crazy. I am so ready to be done with school, I am making it even harder than it has to be by obsessing about being done with it and I am NOT motivated to find a new daycare... I am going to check one out this week that is out of our price range, but from what I hear they have a pretty good reputation, and they have an actual preschool program. At this point what's an extra hundred bucks a month in the long run if my kids are A. Safe and B. learning. and hopefully C. comfortable. They are so comfortable where they are now... it is going to KILL ME to take them out of there.

So yeah, I'm stressed. But I know it's temporary... I know it's going to get better. 2.5 weeks until school is over.

also, can you believe Lucas is going to be a year old next week?!

This was from Thanksgiving

This too, he was about 8 mos old I think then.

This was taken Saturday night, he reminds me a bit of Sethy here.

one tiny pissed off man
He's come a long way since the angry little bunny phase!

Easter boy

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