Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick like a bunny

Short update, because it's late and we have an early morning tommorrow.

*Enrolled boys in a new daycare today... further away than I wanted. The one I initially wanted was about 1.5 miles away, this is about 8.5 miles away... BUT... it's about 132 bucks cheaper per month, and it is family owned (but is a center- not a home daycare). The people were super nice, a friend recommended it to me (THANKS MISTY!) and they only take kids from age 1 to age 5. The walls were covered in artwork, the kids seemed happy and engaged and they have video cameras in all the rooms, and the owner said they are going to be able to go online soon so we can punch in a code and watch the classrooms live. How cool is that? I think Lori and Seth are going to put Lucas there as well, and eventually he and Seth will be in the same class... too cool!

All in all I think it will be a good choice for us. Yeah, I hate driving in the morning, but I won't have to drive into Seattle... and really, driving 16 miles a day is a lot different than driving 55 miles a day.

*I start working full time on 3/31... still in a temporary position, so that blows. Still working half the time in Criminal and half the time in Public... but as of next Thurs. I will be a real live certified legal assistant, so I can start applying for permanent positions as they come open. They just assigned me a new attorney last week, and he is new to the agency, so it's kind of nice to learn the ropes with him. My other attorney doesn't do much litigation, so it's been crazy already... I would say my workload has tripled easily. The hope is that they can justify getting me more hours up in Criminal... I would rather be up there anyway.

*I am going to get a membership to a gym in the next building I think. I asked to have an hour long lunch break, and if they grant that request, then I will go join, and start working out on my lunch hour. That will free up my evenings, which will make my life a lot better.

Here are some pics from Lucas' birthday party last weekend... Little mr. turned 1 on Wednesday!

Hammy Hammerson
I know it's blurry, but he was so cheeky in this shot I had to keep it. That boy loves him a birthday party.

Seth and the birthday boy

I want to PINCH him.

Nolan had so much fun playing with the other kids... he ran himself ragged, it was neat.

that's for me?!

what the heck?

such concentration

the little cake eater

he's very pinchable


I just love
Seth partook of the cake too


just hangin' out
He must've been really hungry... he loves him some crackers, but chips and pretzels... not so much. Not like his brother who would sell his soul for a bag of doritos.

mama and the birthday boy
Mama and the birthday boy

Hampum boy!
"Mama, Hampum Boy!" (Handsome boy) --he says that every time I comb his hair.

He was totally OVER opening presents, lol.

Lucky boy


my sweet cousins
My gorgeous cousins Cassie and Cori

Mr. warm-up
my current favorite outfit... and picture, I could just EAT HIM UP.

nolan and daddy

Happy Birthday Luke!

Birthday cake
Lori's awesome creation... I love the use of the chocolate sprinkles for dirt.

was there ever a sweeter round little head?

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