Thursday, March 06, 2008


Why is it that I toss and turn all freakin' night, barely sleep a wink until the clock hits about 3am? We get up at 4:30ish... I am so tired. ugh.

Also, it is 7:44 a.m. and I should be dropping the kids off at daycare right now. Why aren't I you ask? Because a certain dumbass left her keys in Aaron's car. *sigh* Guess what we will be doing this weekend? Making copies of car keys and sending away for extra club keys. Gah. He is on his way back here from downtown Seattle (a good 30 minute drive anyway) to bring me my keys. Then it's off to daycare and then I am going to go check out a couple of new daycares and go into work early. I took yesterday off of work to make up some tests at School and then we went out to dinner last night for Aaron's birthday.

We went to Red Robin... despite my vow to not return after our last outing. Ashley and Jay joined us and we had a great time. The boys were OUTSTANDING... and I am not exaggerating... they behaved absolutely excellently and we had our doubts considering their displays before we left the house. The server was also outstanding and I actually left a pretty generous tip... I usually tip the minimum or less depending on the service. She brought the kids' food out early, made sure it wasn't too hot, was on top of stuff and made sure my garlic fries weren't laying in a lake of oil.

Here is a pic of the four of us from last night's dinner, courtesy of Ashley. I actually like the way I look in it... a first!

we are fam-i-ly

Wish me luck on the daycare hunt... I am DREADING the day we take them out of their current one. It is paid for by a grant, and to keep them there when I am not in school would be $2,000.00 per MONTH. So if I'm lucky I might net a hundred bucks or so after taxes and such. Yeah. Not so awesome. Although, they are worth every penny... I cannot go on enough about them, but trust me... an entry dedicated to them is coming. The boys' teachers went out of their way yesterday to have the boys make Aaron a special card from each. Including snapshots of the kids... and Nolan's even got laminated. They are so awesome, I am not kidding when I tell you I will probably cry on the last day they are there. I will try to take pics of the cards and post them here... there is one pic of nolan on his card to aaron that cracks my shit up.

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