Monday, February 25, 2008


It's 8:45 and I'm already up later than I intended... I've got a sore throat and cough that is killing me.

Boys are good, randomly breaking out in hives... so that's fun. Nolan had them ALL over his face after his bath tonight and within 10 minutes they were gone. No idea why this keeps happening... no new foods to speak of, no new soaps. Who knows.

Bobby is getting married! Looks like we will be making the trek to Sweden next Summer (2009) to witness the event. It will be our first big trip with the kids (but let's be honest, camping with toddlers would be a big trip)... anyone know what there is to do in Sweden? Besides eat yucky food and ride the subway? (Yes, yucky food... I've seen some of the shit Bobby eats...EW.)

My hubby rocks
Have I mentioned that my hubby rocks? He surprised me OUT OF THE BLUE with these mother's rings. The sapphire is for seth and the alexandrite is for nolan... I love love LOVE these rings, and what a great surprise!!!!!


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