Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Procrastinator, Procrastinator...

Updating now, instead of doing it later. (Because I have other more tedious, boring work to do right now... UGH.)

We went to a birthday party this weekend... Here are some of my favorite shots, much more over in my Flickr pages. (I often upload stuff there that doesn't get published here, and I upload there more often as well.)

My love
My sweetie pie... with a REAL smile, not his usual "there's a camera pointed at me, I better pretend to smile" expression.

I absolutely adore this shot. I don't know what it is... I just love it.

angry baby
Someone was really pissed off at his mean mean mama.

Who likes the kitchen?

The birthday girl's little sister Emerson. What a sweetie.

Laurel, the birthday girl. She is 3, and man... it seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with Nolan and we were looking around for a condo w/ John and Khara, and I would look at the teeny tiny newborn Laurel and tell Aaron "I can't wait to have our baby!"... 3 years went by super fast.

Birthday girl

so smoochable
I took over 200 photos that afternoon... many of them playing with point of view and focus.

Fun with focus


in love
another new favorite

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