Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Friday

Man I am TIRED.... looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend. Of course, there are the standard errands, laundry, homework and random stuff to get done, but I am definitely looking forward to keeping it low key. I am not sure if I am starting my new schedule Monday (not sure if I mentioned it here yet... Mondays and Fridays I'll be working full time, splitting my day up between two different divisions). I assume I'll find out today what the deal is. I also found out that we hired a couple new attorneys, and I will be supporting half the workload of one, plus the attorney I currently have. The big hope right now is that they can prove they will need me full time... I would love that! That doesn't start until March though, so the timing looks pretty good, as I am done with school at the end of March.

I think the biggest thing I am looking forward to about school being done at this point is to cut down my daily mileage. I am doing about 50-55 miles per day right now... I would like to cut it to less than 10 (by utilizing the train) but we'll see.

Anyhoo, Seth started saying Mama this week... mostly when he's upset, but he will repeat it, as well as he'll repeat dada. Yay! My baby is getting so big.

I have to say I'm enjoying reading the news updates about the presidential campaign... for one, there is noone currently running that repulses me. I wasn't too crazy about Giuliani... didn't know enough about Mitt Romney to make an informed opinion, and don't know much about Huckabee... but between the frontrunners, I actually am kind of ok w/ the three of them for now. I don't have any super strong feelings... ideally it would come down between Clinton and Obama for my final vote... I am very curious to see who will get the nomination. But even if McCain were to win... at this point I'm not too bothered... any one of those three are better than the jackass we currently have.

Enough on politics, how about some pics of the boys?

we love the
LOL cats and when I ran across this old pic of Nolan I copied this one:
cracks my shit up.








Nolan and I were goofing around during the superbowl

this hat is almost as old as I am.

Proving that they do exist... Men who vacuum that is. As nolan would say he's a 'googuy' (good guy).

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