Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy “Bowemtime’s” Day

Aaah, good ol; Valentine’s Day. Gotta love it. I made a ton of pretzel candies, both for school and work… I find it cruel and unusual punishment to have those around the house and to not partake. So I did. I fell off the proverbial wagon. I hadn’t had a bite of candy/sweets, etc since 12/31/07… and now my record is shot to hell. That’s ok though, I feel sluggish and crappy and I haven’t eaten much today as a result. I had a yogurt this morning at 6am, and a sandwich around 9:30 am and too many of those damn candies in between and ugh. It’s 2:30 and I am pounding the water hoping to flush out the ickiness.

I have been trying to crack down on the clutter in the house lately… the clutter is arising from the two main problems: 1. Not enough space, and 2. Too much stuff. So Aaron and I talked the other day and I proposed the idea of getting rid of everything we haven’t used in the past year or more. With the exception of specialty items such as camping gear, automotive maintenance stuff etc. I am so sick of stuff being crammed everywhere. Right now I am committing myself to throwing away 10 things a day (at a minimum)… Last night I went through the junk drawer and grabbed 10 things that I knew were garbage and tossed them out. The night before it was 10 things out of my nightstand… garbage and CRAP seems to collect everywhere and I’m so sick of it, it’s not funny. I think the main part of this project will not be able to get underway though until springtime when we have a little more time and the weather is a bit kinder, so we can spend some time outside in the storage units.

I got up early this morning and made Aaron a hot breakfast (French toast, bacon, and chocolate milk)… I think dinner is just going to be frozen pizza though. At least for them… they’ll all be happy and I will too, as Aaron can get it started before I even get home. Then we’ll open gifts and start baths and the whole nighttime routine. I’d like to make it to the gym tonight for a bit to work off those candies, and then maybe hang out with Aaron since it is Valentine’s Day after all.

Here are some pics of Seth and his bruise. I think he needs a helmet... what do you think?

black and blue

this kid

Blinky the bruiser


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