Sunday, January 13, 2008


Nolan seems to be feeling a bit better, still no appetite (man, can I get this virus?! I would take a no-appetite stomach virus any day over that bron chitis crap they passed to me over Christmas!) and Seth is plain pathetic... just laying on whoever will hold him... not making a peep, still running a low fever and drinking lots and lots of fluids.

I am out of laundry soap... on Friday I had enough so that I probably wouldn't need any until my next payday on the 25th. And we do a LOT of laundry around here. I have about one load's worth left.

Aaron is taking tommorrow off, I am in training all week at work; full time, and I do not want to miss it if at all possible. My poor bubbas. I will post pics later, am on my way to the gym and then to Target for some laundry soap.

Hope you all are having an ok weekend!

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