Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update From the V and P Ranch and some old pictures

So here at the Vomit and Pooh (and no, I don't mean the bear) Ranch, things are ... getting better and worse... Nolan is now officially well. At least from the stomach flu. He still has a very persistent cough-though it's ONLY when he's laying down at night or naptime. Still getting nebulizer treatments 4x a day (as is Seth "wheezy mcwheezerton").

Seth is faring better on the cough - it doesn't seem to bother him at night too much, but he is still battling the stomach bug. As Nolan would say, he has "daddy-reeyah" (Diarrhea, and no I didn't teach him to say it that way, he overheard Aaron and I talking about it and thinks that's how it's pronounced. Much to Aaron's chagrin.) Poor bubba hasn't really eaten all day... he ate yesterday, but not so much today. He is downing liquids like they are going out of style though, so I'm ok w/ the loss of appetite for now. If I don't see a change by tommorrow afternoon I am calling the doc again.

And now Aaron is sick. And when I say sick... I mean SICK. I married the only guy I think who NEVER complains or acts like a baby when he is sick. He rarely if ever gets sick, and even when it's a cold or the flu or whatever, he handles it like a champ. So when he actually acts sick and seems sick... I know that he is REALLY sick. And even then... he doesn't complain. He was all set to take Nolan back to the doctor this evening (for the cough) before I decided to wait another day. I get home and he is nauseated, has the chills, has a really sore throat and is out of it. My poor sweetie. I took over the kids when I got home and he took a shower and got in his jammies, and then I force fed him some Nyquil. I hope he gets better soon... and of course even more, I hope I don't get it!

Lastly, I just have to say "THANK GOD FOR FAMILY." For serious. I don't know how people do it otherwise... you'd have to have a nanny or something if you didn't have a back-up for daycare. The boys have been out all week, Aaron stayed home Monday (when we still were under the pipe dream impression that they'd be ready to go back on Tuesday) and then they've been at my mom and dad's the last two days and will be again tommorrow. Auntie Karen and papa watched them Tuesday and will watch them tommorrow and nana and papa watched them today. Seth crashed both days around 10 am and slept until almost 3. And of course, shit all over the clothes I sent him in, his extra clothes and one of my grandma's quilts.

I just want them well again.

Here are some old pics from November.



my favorite jammies...

Poor baby

I love the hands...

silly boy


I love these boys

what mom?!

Cheeky man

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