Monday, January 14, 2008

So that was NOT awesome.

I got up last night at 11pm to give Nolan a breathing treatment because he was not responding to the Delsym. (He has no runny nose, just a cough)... the breathing treatment did nothing for him. Other than wake his little ass up, so he was up till well after midnight. I finally fell back asleep and at 2 am heard Nolan calling "mommy, dop it mimi." (mommy, I dropped my mimi(binky)) So I went in, got him settled, put my hand in Seth's crib to feel his forhead and met a very wet and sticky substance. He'd puked, and was lying in it. So on went the light, I got Aaron up to help, stripped sethy down, bathed him and Aaron remade his bed (after I wiped it down w/ some clorox bleach wipes)... got him dressed and back in bed. His fever seemed to have broken and he was pleasant if not sort of chuckling when I was playing with him. So who knows, maybe he just needed to vomit.

Needless to say, my plans of being at the gym at 5am this mroning were shot down. I have a headache and am so tired... I am so thankful I had planned to take the bus today. I really don't think I could deal with traffic right now.

Oh and I got to clean up 2 piles of cat vomit when I woke up this morning. SO NOT AWESOME.

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