Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long time, no post

Man, things have been super busy as of late. We are all on the mend, the boys are still on antibiotics for the ear infections, but everything else seems to have improved GREATLY. Aaron still has some upper respiratory shizzle going on, and I still have the lingering cough... but no complaints.

Good news on the work front, I am now officially a part of the division I have been working in since I started. I was contracted under the 'general services' budget before, but worked up there the whole time. They were able to get funding for an actual position, and because it's still a 'part-time/temporary' position, I was able to slide right into it w/o worrying about interviewing. My hope is that this will parlay into a full time position w/in the division, but time will tell.

This also means that I got a raise because I am now not just a member of the office staff, I actually have a legal support position. I get a raise and a name plate for my desk! I am stoked! Seriously, it is so awesome to A. feel like I'm actually part of the division and B. feel like I'm doing a good enough job that they want to keep me up there. Very cool!

The kids are amazing me more and more every day. Nolan's memory is crazy. He found a picture from Christmas 2006 w/ him, Seth and Julia and brought it to me and before I could say ANYTHING he said "Joo-ya! Joo-ya!" This stunned me because A. He hasn't seen Julia in a long time, B. He has NEVER said her name before and C. It's not like we really talk about Julia unless we are going to be meeting up with them in the near future. He also keeps mentioning people we saw over the holidays. He keeps saying "Mike? Home? Sarah? Home?" He is talking about his godparents (Aaron's cousins)... they came over a few days after Christmas and man they left an impression on him! He brings them up about every other day, and sometimes when we talk about how Daddy is a good guy, he'll start naming off other people and invariably will say "Mike? Good guy?" and I'll say "yes, Mike is a good guy." Then he says "Sarah? Good Guy?" and I say "well, she's a good girl, but yes, she's good." It just amazes us because we only see Mike and Sarah once every few months at best, but he remembers.

He also keeps bringing up my cousin's husband Dwayne. They were over here on New Year's (though he's seen Dwayne a few other times recently as well) and since then he keeps saying "Wayne? Home?" Aaron's friend Willie was over a couple weeks ago and Nolan keeps asking about "unca wiwwi" cracks me up! Oh and lastly, he out of the blue started talking about uncle Matt... Matt hasn't been out to visit since... I don't even know... June of last year? Something like that. He keeps asking about him, if he's home, if he's at work...strange.

Seth is getting to be such a big boy. It almost breaks my heart. He is trying to use spoons and forks at meal times, and is cutting all four molars at the moment. He also has taken to throwing tantrums every now and then... usually when I won't pick him up. He's pretty easy going, so it is kind of funny to see him throw himself against the couch or on the floor and just cry.

I think that's about it for the goings on as of lately... my mind is mush right now... I took a muscle relaxer for my headache and my pillow is calling my name. Here are a bunch of pics ...

Not sure what Nolan was so excited about...

"No-an's Cars!"
He was telling me all about his 'herbie' and jeep.

mama and seth
Sicky boy Seth and mama

pretty much...
This is a perfect representation of how some days are around here.

Why I wear Makeup.
Well hello haggard. This is why I wear makeup... this is during the weekend of puke and ... other things. (also known as the weekend of 4 billion loads of laundry.)

sick puppy
Seth napping on the couch when he was sick

Banana eating fool
When they were sick they were resigned to the BRAT diet... Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast... luckily Seth loves him some bananas, so it wasn't too bad.

Sick day

sick Seth

poor babies

It's hard to be 2 and a half

rough stuff
And also, he has the meanest mommy EVER.

sweet boy


Nolan's latest art project ... this is so sweet, it was 'Transportation' week, and this was his attempt at a stop sign. I love it!

cue fluttering
These are from "All About Me" week... my favorites so far

mouth full of cookie.
cookie mouth

Slurpy Slurperson

ligh-nee queeee!
Nolan and "ligh-nee Queeeee!" (Lightning McQueen)

handsome boy
Man he looks grown up.

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