Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 2

So no puking so far (it's almost 8pm) from Nolan. Seth puked a little bit, nothing major. Both have the runs, Neither have much of an appetite (Nolan has not eaten anything really today ... maybe a bit of yogurt and some cheerios and a bite of banana, Seth ate breakfast and a bit of lunch but nothing since) and Seth now has a fever. Nolan is acting a bit more like himself... Seth... not so much.

I have done about 7 loads of laundry today, and 6 of those involved either vomit or poop.

Overall it really hasn't been that bad, I am definitely counting my blessings, as it could be much worse. I am hoping that they start feeling back to 100% tommorrow. We shall see.

Oh, and Seth woke up with his little face covered in hives... check this out:



Truth be told, I am not positive it's hives, however... his cheeks completely cleared up within about 2 hours. And he had some hives w/ welts (the red patches on his cheeks had no welts) in random other places all over his body.

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