Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A confession, A deal, and a gripe (or two)

Not necessarily in that order.

So I'm exercising. I'm taking phentermine... yes, under a doctor's care... and I think I am finally starting to see small ... VERY small changes. In the interest of honesty I should mention that I have been on phentermine since 11/15/07. I should also add that I was good about working out the first month. Then the holidays hit. (See also: addiction to chocolate and anything candy/cookie/cakey/fudgie/etc. and also: my inability to have just ONE MOTHERFUCKING cookie/candy/etc) I gained like 7 or 8 pounds over the damn holiday. I managed to lose it all by my next dr. appt on Jan. 18th though so we're square.

I have also been off sweets since Jan. 1st. I still have the occasional protein bar or granola bar, but no candy. No cookies. No birthday cake (though I may have a piece on my birthday in April, I haven't decided yet), nothing. My chocolate bran muffins don't count either because dude... sooo not a 'sweet'. It's a hell of a lot easier to say no to the stuff today than it was a few weeks ago... and I feel better too. I am hoping that combined with the phentermine and the exercise I should see some bigger improvements soon.

I tried on a few outfits tonight at Fred Meyer, despite the fact that I had decided before going in that I wasn't going to buy anything. I do need some pants and stuff, but I want to wait until I lose more weight. The positive side was that the stuff that I thought would fit was too big on me... so that's good right? However, having the boys messed my midsection up, so while most of the stuff was too big, the next size down was perfectly sized EXCEPT it was waaay too tight in the midsection. And the pants that fit the midsection were waaay too big in the leg. Motherfuck.

I have been wanting to get a new camera for a while... a point and shoot. My slr is too big and bulky to take everywhere and I dropped our old point and shoot in the cat's water dish. It is kaput. I was at Fred Meyers tonight and decided what the hell... turns out they had my dream camera on clearance! So I bought the camera, batteries and a charger as well as a 2gig sd card and still managed to spend about 40 bucks less than the camera alone would have cost me if it hadn't been on sale. SCORE!

And I am tired... so no real gripe tonight. Count my misfortune in body type as my gripe for now.

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