Monday, January 14, 2008


This is post #1001. Wow...almost 8 years of blogging and I finally hit 1000! Not that it was a goal or anything... I just think it's kind of cool.

I got to see seth for all of a half hour tonight, and Nolan for a tad longer. Working till 5 blows big time, but tommorrow will hopefully be better because I won't be busing it to and from.

Aaron took the boys to the doc today, they were pronounced viral and both have ear infections... Nolan has one in each ear. He braved that by himself--which really, is no small feat. Picture two kids, one who doesn't want to be put down and one who doesn't listen, yet is petrified of strangers. They know the doctor's office and don't take to the doc or the nurse kindly. I happened to call while they were there and I couldn't even hear Aaron, they were screaming so loud.

After that, upon my request, they dropped the prescriptions off at the pharmacy at Fred Meyer. (Aaron told me this story on the phone and I got a good laugh out of it...) On their way out, Nolan decided he didn't want to go and was being a typical two year old about it. Aaron was carrying Seth and noticed that he was smelling particularly ... ripe. After some investigating he saw that Seth's diaper had basically leaked and they both were sporting some nasty diarrhea on their coats, and Seths' was also on his clothes. It was pouring outside, so Aaron tried to put Nolan's hood on and of course, he was having none of it. As this was going on, a nice elderly woman happened to be walking by and offered to help. She attempted to help Nolan with his hood and he of course, being 2.5 and not being particularly fond of strangers... screamed in her face. Poor Aaron.

Nolan then decided to make a run for the doors and so Aaron had him stop and he grabbed Nolan's hand. This of course turned Nolan from an hornery 2 year old to a dead fish on the floor. He flopped down and wouldn't get up. The elderly woman tried to help again, and again, Nolan screamed in her face. Aaron apologized and managed to get Nolan up and get his pooh covered self and Seth's pooh covered self out to the car.

He is such a good daddy. He came home and washed the offending clothes, bathed seth, got the boys lunch and put them down for a nap. He gave them their breathing treatments when they got up this afternoon and then he picked me up from Fred Meyer (where I got off the bus) after I picked up the prescriptions. I came home to a nice clean house, and I so appreciate it. I so appreciate him. He not only pulls his weight around here, but he does more than that. I am very lucky.

Now. I have a question. Is there a class people take in Pharmacy school that teaches them how to be completely inefficient boobs? Is it called "Shitty Customer Service 101"? Seriously. I have had similar issues at EVERY pharmacy I've ever gone to. I will say that the majority of my transactions go smoothly. But there's that 15% though that go right in the shitter and I just don't get it. Aaron dropped the prescriptions off at noon. I go in at 6:10pm ... SIX FREAKIN' HOURS later, and they tell me "oh, we only had one bottle of the medicine, we will have to order the other." I just looked at her and then I said (and i NEVER speak up to people like this) "Why didn't you call me?" She just stared at me blankly. "Why?" I said, "you have my number, you have my husband's number. WHY DID YOU NOT CALL ME?" She turned around, went to the back and the four of them (two pharmacists, a tech and the cashier) huddled together. The tech eventually came up and tried to talk to me, they are overnighting the medicine and blah blah blah. Then the cherry on top of THIS sundae... they didn't even have the medicine ready. I had to wait another ten minutes before it was ready to go.

Seriously... Incompetence 105? There must be a class.

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