Friday, December 21, 2007

Hustle and Bustle....

I have today and Monday off... yippee! Tommorrow we are going up to Stanwood to see Aaron's grandma and aunt and uncle (SEE YOU GUYS SOON!) and tommorrow evening I think I will be meeting lori at costco. Sunday morning I am having coffee w/ tatum and then I have to stop at Target for a few last minute things. Then Aaron has to take my car and go get me some tires (I had a flat yesterday)... Monday we are hosting his family for Christmas eve so I will be making pies and yams and such on Sunday, and cooking the rest of it on Monday.

So in preperation, I have done the following today:

-cleaned the boys' room
-reorganized their changing table
-vacuumed their room
-cleaned the miscellaneous shit out of the hallway
-vacuumed the hallway and baseboards... or rather where the baseboards would be if there were any.
-emptied the bakers rack and wiped it down w/ windex (it's glass)
-hand washed all of the glassware that is on the bakers rack
-took down all of the kids' artwork off the dining room wall
-hung up two bulletin boards and rehung their artwork on those
-cleaned out one of the small tupperware dressers
-cleaned the SHIT out of our bedroom
-deep cleaned the closet
-made the bed
-reorganized all of the miscellaneous crap in there (though there is still some left to go through)
-vacuumed the bedroom
-cleaned the livingroom and kitchen
-emptied the kitchen of all unnecessary appliances for the coming few days and put stuff I will need out
-compiled a hefty grocery list
-vacuumed the livingroom (twice I might add)
-swept the kitchen
-done 3 loads of laundry
-ran one load in the dishwasher

and it's noon. HOW is it ONLY noon?!

I still need to:

-go grocery shopping
-go to costco
-p/u a few things for gifts
-wrap the last few gifts
-p/u some candy
-clean the bathrooms
-deep clean the guest bath
-fold the laundry and put it away
-make cookies and fudge
-take some to the neighbors
-on sunday make yams and pies
-figure out how to make the turkey and the stuffing
-put gifts under the tree
-give the boys their big gift
-pack diaper bag
-mop kitchen floor
-iron lace tablecloth (first I'll try putting it in the dryer)

and Aaron needs to:
-take my car in to get new tires
-figure out how he wants to rearrange the living room for monday to accommodate everyone
-put stuff on chairs in front room away
-polish the table and chairs
-figure out why the dvd player in the bedroom won't work

Both boys have a cough and a bit of a runny nose... though I only seem to notice it when they are crying, so I don't think it's very bad at all... the cough I think is just post nasal drip.

We've been working a lot this week on Nolan's disobedience. I don't know if it's the age or what but that boy A. does not fear me or Aaron at all (and he probably should to some degree), and B. Shouting and spanking does NOTHING. If I ask him to do something his knee jerk reaction is to say no, which ... whatever. He says it to say it... he doesn't mean it. He has to be prompted to clean up his mess when he does something like throw food on the floor to the point where I am standing over him repeating myself over and over and over and getting madder and madder and madder. We are also working on him pushing Seth and knocking him down. Time out has been working ok I guess... I should give him a little slack since he's 2.5.... as far as the disobedience goes, that's going to be tougher to break. He is not a bad kid, and he hasn't gotten away w/ murder up until now, but we haven't really dealt w/ it directly... and we need to.

Seth is walking everywhere now... haven't seen him crawl in days. It's a trip to see them walking around together. He looks so dang cute when he walks... sticking his little belly out for balance. He is now banned from touching any cellphones. He killed mine last weekend... He was always pretty good w/ them, but I caught him chewing on it, and apparently that wasn't the first time. The kid had drooled so much into it, it fried the phone and the sim card. LOVELY! Luckily the T-mobile lady saved me some $$ and told me that I don't qualify for the discount until the end of January (when I can get a good phone for CHEAP! by resigning for another 2 year contract)... so she sent me to target to get a prepaid t-mobile phone and she switched my account to it. So I spend about 70 bucks, and now we'll have a back up phone if something like this should ever happen again.

um... we don't yike santa.
We waited TWO AND A HALF hours to see Santa... the kids were not impressed. Of course, as soon as I got Nolan down from his lap he turned and said "tank oo Santa, see later!"

luke didn't mind
Lucas and Santa

and poof... luke appeared!
Since the bitches at the stand wouldn't let us get a snapshot of the boys together... even though we A. waited for (did I mention this already?) FOR TWO AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS, and B. we each bought a package of pictures.. but nooo, whatevs. So I put my mad photoshop skillz to work... and I bet if you turned the brightness of the screen down, stepped back about 3 feet and squinted really hard it might look as if Luke was sitting there and not photoshopped in, lol.

I'll be back after christmas with loads of pics!

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