Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And A Skinned Knee in a Pear Tree....

Well, my knee is finally starting to heal, thank God, I couldn't stand wearing bandaids anymore, but didn't dare go without them until today.

I am currently obsessing over cutting my hair. Specifically, I want my hair like Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus 8...




If I wasnt' going to be in a wedding in less than a year I would probably go for it, but I think I'm going to wait a while and see if I still love it after Lori and Seth get married.

Seth stunned the shit out of us tonight by using sign language to ask for more... I was absolutely shocked! They get a small piece of chocolate after dinner from their advent calendars and he totally signed 'more'... unprompted and everything! My big boy!! I have not been as diligent w/ him as I was w/ nolan when it comes to teaching him sign language. Of course I'm not home all day either, but apparently his teacher has been working with him... he also knows 'all done' ... my big boy!

Here is a video of him doing the signs tonight and then a video of Nolan talking about his buddy Aidan.

Seth's Sign Language Skillz


oh, and in Nolan's video when I ask him who loves him he's saying "SHARON!" Sharon is one of his teacher's at daycare and she taught all the kids to say that when she asks them who loves them. too cute.

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