Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Typing this with two cats on my lap

So forgive the typos ... the bastards make it hard to hold my hands correctly. Anyhoo, not too much going on... I am overwhelmed in a big way with school right now... this quarter seems to be the one with the most work, and I'm having a really hard time juggling everything along with time for the boys and time for myself. *sigh*

I'll get over it, it's only 3 more months of this shit...

I'm watching wife swap as I write this, and I have to say... it amazes me how completely out of their mind some people are. Like last week with the enabling parents of the teenage beauty queen...and this week with the parents who do not believe in any discipline at all. WTF? I don't think people should be hardasses like the other parents... but come on.

Speaking of discipline, I just ordered two parenting books by the super nanny. Before Nolan drives me to drink (more---I kid... sort of,lol) I want to see if she has any advice regarding how to keep him in time out. I know that on her show she tells parents to just keep taking the child back to the time out spot. Well... we were doing that, and now it has become Nolan's favorite game. Inching out of his time out spot... further and further and then when we walk towards him to put him back he runs back to time out laughing. I am going to have a damn aneurysm one of these days if this keeps up.

He isn't a bad kid at all... I feel like he gets kind of a bad wrap from me, because he pushes me to the limit, constantly testing me and his dad. But he is such a sweet boy, and a lovey... it's feast or famine... luckily the famine phases don't last too long... but they are DAMN exhausting. I am at my wits end... he is not afraid of Aaron or I in the least. I don't know that I really want him 'afraid' of us, but I do want him to obey. Getting him to sit in time out is an exercise in futility most days. In the interest of honesty, we have spanked... it doesn't work. It might for some kids, but it doesn't for Nolan. It doesn't stop the behavior, and half the time he laughs anyway... which is infuriating on top of everything else.

My specific gripes about his behavior are: when he shoves Seth, and the outright disobedience. He will use both hands and shove him from behind/the side/the front/WHATEVER... and the child goes flying... tonight he shoved him in the kitchen, he was behind Seth and gave him a strong push and down he went, flat on his face.

I can feel the rage again as I am typing this. I grabbed him and sat his ass in time out and screamed "WE DO NOT PUSH!!!!!!" Then I walked away to compose myself.

As for the disobedience, if we tell him to stop something or to give us something or whatever... the answer is "no" and then he'll do whatever it is even more. I just want to get his behavior under control now.

I feel bad for complaining and venting about his behavior, I want to say that he really has come a long way in the past few months. He and Seth play a lot more now, and he isn't as aggressive as he was before, we definitely still have some issues to work out, but as he's gotten older it's improved. He often gives Seth a toy to play with and says "hee go Seffy!" (Here you go Sethy!) And they have taken to each grabbing a dump truck and driving them around on the carpet, side by side... it is too cute. They race from one end of the room to the other on their knees :) They play at dinner, sometimes to our chagrin... monkey see and monkey do. They are becoming pals though, and it warms my heart.

He is such a sweet boy, I just want us to be more in sync. As much as he needs to learn to live by the rules, I need to learn how to teach them to him. This parenting stuff is HARD.

Here are some old pics from November...

which one do I choose?


the boys



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