Monday, November 05, 2007


I am feeling the need to purge. Not my stomach, my home. I am so tired of clutter and crap and wall to wall miscellany that I could seriously scream. Friday night after dwelling on the fact that we had absolutely no room in our bedroom for our stuff and no room in our dresser for our clothes we went to Ikea and spent too much money (it's a good thing that I am working now)on some new furniture. Granted, we are selling the bedroom set we had (I am hoping to get at least 300 bucks for it, it's an oak 5 piece set, and that money will go back into the credit card towards the new set we bought). The new set has full size dressers. One for each of us. With deep drawers. I am so in love with them I could lick them.

Aaron spent the day yesterday putting everything together, minus one dresser, which he will hopefully put together tonight. I put my clothes in my new dresser and I have so much space still I can't even believe it, must buy more clothes!

So we threw out a bunch of stuff and are trying to declutter the house... I will likely go through the boys' toys in the next few weeks and purge some of the stuff they don't play with anymore and pass them on down to Luke.

Anyhoo, it was a nice low key weekend, we went out for our anniversary (red lobster and a movie) and spent some time w/ my parents.

Anyhoo, I have to get to work, I've been in class 10 minutes and done NOTHING.

mama and luke

books are fun

Lori and Luke

Thanks for helping!

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