Thursday, November 01, 2007


Ok, so we were anti-trick or treating (for selfish reasons mostly) but at the last minute I felt really grinchy and Aaron and I decided to take the kids out for Halloween. I am so glad we did, we had a blast! We surprised my parents first, and then went over to a school by Lori and Seth's house and 'trunk or treated'... there were about 30 cars parked in the school playground and most of the adults were in costume and had decorated their trunks... it was very, very cool.

Nolan was wearing a full set of clothes and a jacket under his costume, lol

mama's punkin
my little punkin

tritt oh treet!
off on a mission


I want candy!

sethy pumpkin

he's incredible

we gave him a chocolate bar in the car to quiet him down when we took the lollipop away, he thoroughly enjoyed it


and now the cutest skunk ever!

the cutest skunk ever

I love his expression

startled skunk


the gang minus lori

trick or treating

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