Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally, I have an excuse to wear crocs...

Yes, I own crocs. Shut it. They are blue, and comfy and I usually only wear them when I need to run outside or to the store and don't feel like wearing real shoes. Tonight they have served a much greater purpose. They are keeping the vomit off my socks.

Nolan has puked at least twice... Aaron said the first incident came in 3 seperate waves, a minute or two apart. The second one came in 2 shorter waves... poor buddy. Aaron is on his way home right now after going to my mom's to get her carpet cleaner. Breaks my heart when they are sick, he curled up on my lap tonight and just laid with his head on my chest. I said "Do you want to go to bed buddy?" and he just nodded.

I really REALLY hope this is a quick virus/illness... I have training next week for work that I cannot miss. Plus it'll be a full time paycheck (I only get halftime right now) so he needs to GET OVER THIS QUICK!

Here are some old pics...

Playing together nicely


No hat!


so happy

twirling his invisible mustache
twirling his invisible moustache


would've been better...

I could pinch him





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