Thursday, November 08, 2007

Down a Pint

I saved three lives today. How? I shoved three little old ladies out of the way of an oncoming metro bus this morning.

not. I am not that heroic. I donated blood... which may not sound like a huge feat, but for someone who has fainted over getting a flu shot, and who dwelled during BOTH pregnancies about the I.V. and Catheter more than anything else... this was a big deal.

The blood bank was on campus today, and because I've been following the story of Ben, I decided it was time to conquer a fear and do something, anything... and hopefully I will have helped someone.

Anyhoo, so yes, I am a pint low today... but proud of myself. And yes, I will be donating again. Although, not for at least 56 days.

ps. did I tell you that my sweet hubby left me roses, candy and a coffee on my seat the day of our anniversary? He sure is a keeper. That was seriously the highlight of my day.

pps. My sister got us the coolest present for our anniversary, I'll post more about it later, but trust me... we were blown away, what a neat idea!

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