Sunday, October 28, 2007


Not too much to report, am getting over my cold, and in typical fashion, I can always tell when I am nearing the end of a cold when I have to 'purge' the house of crap and clean like a maniac. When we got home from my parent's house today I had a raging headache that ibuprofen and aspirin had done nothering for. So I popped a vicodin (had taken the other stuff a few hours earlier) and started with the laundry first. Eventually scrubbed and sanitized both bathrooms, purged them of miscellaneous crap, got rid of a ton of stuff in Aaron's closet that he hasn't worn since I've known him and probably never will, and then weeded out the stuff he wanted, but doesn't wear often to put away into the dresser, cleaned the living room and made my lunch for tommorrow. By the time I was done I was dizzy and sick to my stomach... either from the vicodin or the smell of bleach radiating from the bathrooms. ahhh, bleach. ick.

anyhoo, I am happy to report that I am feeling better now and ready to call it a night.

catch ya later.

grinny grinnerson

mmm, monkey!

happy chub


Look, cousin... a car...

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