Sunday, October 14, 2007

No time.

I have no time. And it sucks some serious dirt. I could blow off the workouts at night to have some time to catch up on my blogs and boards and such... but I'm starting to get compliments on my weightloss and that's the motivation I need.

so here are some pictures. As far as updates, assume the kids are fine (runny noses, but fine) and that Aaron and I are fine too... just tired.

mmm, donuts!
mmm, donuts!

Donut grin

mischevious grin

what up loc?
He found this hat in my closet and wore it for a few days and was so proud of it, lol

pink hat
I love this shot of him

happy boy

Pajama boys

Seth giving a love
seth wants a love...

Nolan giving a love
So Nolan obliges...

big hugs
but then goes to far maybe?

oh yeah

so sad
still very upset


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