Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Husband ROCKS!

Seriously, Aaron is the best. This new schedule has been so hard to adjust to... I know it's just the first week, but going from spending half the day with my babies to only seeing them for 45 minutes to an hour before they go to bed has not only sucked ass, it's meant that he's had to carry the load as far as the care and handling of said babies.

He picks them up from daycare, brings them home, gets them settled, makes them dinner, feeds them and then cleans up and bathes them AND the house has been clean when I get home around 6-6:10... he is seriously awesome. I don't think I could do this if I didn't have such a strong support system in him.

This is what my average day looks like:

5:00 am - get up, make coffee, exercise or surf the net (it's been about 50/50 this week.)
6:00 am - shower and get ready
6:30/6:40 - get kids up and dressed and get out the door and leave for school (we actually manage to leave the house around 7am or so, it takes a while to get them ready)
7:30ish - arrive at school, take boys to their classes
8:00 - my class begins
11:30 - I leave for work
12:15ish - I arrive down at Aaron's work (I park there and bus it in to work to avoid the steep parking fees)
12:30ish - arrive downtown, and then I walk to work (anywhere from 4-7 blocks depending on what bus I am able to catch)
1:00 - officially on the clock at work
5:00 - off the clock, walk about 5 blocks to the bus stop to catch a bus back to my car
5:15ish - usually I am on my way back to my car at this point... *note to self* do NOT take the 132, it is a 7+ block hike.
5:30 - usually about this time I am pulling out and on my way home
6:00-6:10ish - I walk in the door, the last few nights the kids have been in the bath and wanted out IMMEDIATELY when I get home... so I help Aaron by getting them out and dressed.
7:00- kids go to bed, I go to the gym ***if I have energy... only made it there twice this week*** and I try to choke down dinner before I go
8:30 - I finally get home, shower and jump on to check my email
9:30ish - go to bed.

So yeah, I am adjusting, and I am tired. Last night and the night before Sethy just wanted to be held when I got home, so that is what I did... I think he is missing mama time. Nolan sat w/ me for a nice long while last night too. I miss my boys so much.

Thursday night when I held him for almost an hour

mama time

sugar high
Pics from his actual birthday


Happy day-day sheh!


going in for the kill

ps. these pics were taken w/ our powershot s70 (canon)... our old point and shoot. The other pics that look much nicer are taken w/ a canon digital rebel xt. I loooove my camera!

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