Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pics part 2

It's 9 am... I am BORED. And hungry. I should be finishing painting but I really don't feel like it... we have company coming over saturday night and it occurs to me that I don't give a rats ass if it's done by then or not. Nolan has been on a tear lately, he is so rough with seth. Seriously, if Seth makes it to his first birthday without any real injuries it's going to be a damn miracle. Between being tackled and pushed down and over, to having things thrown at him, to being hit or kicked in THE HEAD... oh and let's not forget how nolan will sit/stand/lay on him and mush his face into the floor. *sigh*

I was woken up to a real treat this morning... nolan hysterical crying for a rag. Hmmm.... that doesn't sound good. So I go in there and lo and behold (AHEM) SOMEONE forgot to change his diaper before he laid him down last night... and Nolan's diaper was so loose that when he peed this morning... well, the diaper was too heavy and loose so he basically pissed all over his crib, bedding and bumper. Awesome. Ah well, I wanted to strip his bed and disinfect the mattress and crib anyway. not. I did need to change the sheets though, so I guess it just lit a fire under my butt.

I find that I'm using my super mean voice a lot lately... the voice that scares Aaron, lol. Of course it's not directed at Aaron though, it's directed at the two year old tyrant in our midst. And he is not afraid of me at all.

alright, I'm off to shower, so I can take the boys to the park when seth wakes up.


Not happy.
Lucas wasn't impressed

Heather and Luke
Heather and Lucas meet for the first time

Tiger, Tiger woods y'all
tiger tiger woods y'all

hammy hammerson


My handsome hubby
My new favorite picture of Aaron

mmm Puffs

cutie patootie

Julia the birthday girl
the birthday girl

mmm... cotton


suck suck suck suck


Birthday girl

pretty girl


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