Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big Weekend

We had seth's birthday party this weekend, the big day is actually tuesday, here are the pics. We had a fabulous turnout and he was very very spoiled, it was so great to see everyone! Nolan isn't in many pictures at all because he was having the time of his life playing outside with some of his cousins.

Sunny Days...
Hanging out with his buds

Mouthfuls of Fritos
this picture amuses me greatly, both seth and uncle gary (his godfather) have a mouthful of fritos... same expression!

Papa and Seth
Seth and Papa

Kissin' cousins
kissing cousins :) Dawn and Seth

Birthday layout
the spread

Elmo Cake

Hanging out with auntie Ashley... it makes me sad to see him looking so grown up *sniff*

There's a bow on my head dear Liza


Seth's stand in
seth got bored and crawled away during rip and tear time, so Julia decided "well if he's not going to open presents I will!" It was HILARIOUS!

sweetie girl

Killin' time
Killing time while waiting for cake


what the heck...

my finger is dirty!

munch munch munch


By the handful

The boy loves his cake

Lucas was not thrilled to be part of the party scene

Done, done, done
not happy at all to be wiped down

btw, the pictures do no justice to how he attacked his cake, the child was in hog heaven with that cake. It was too funny!

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