Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back To School

So let's see... yesterday was the first day back at school. I was all revved up, ready to get back into the swing of things and then bam. We have spent the last two days going over policies and attendance roster and CRAP that I've already sat through once and nodded off during... and I will have to sit through it come January AGAIN. It's wonderful to see my tuition going towards a GIGANTIC WASTE OF TIME. Seriously.

Nolan started back at daycare yesterday, in the big boy class! He celebrated this event by bursting into tears, and fading into that silent, head shaking cry where he then reached for me as the teacher carried him away from me to the window. *sigh* He was fine when I picked him up, and in fact, didn't seem to want to leave. But this morning he had a hard time (read: another round of silent sobbing) when I left. Seth will start on his birthday... which is kind of Ironic. I feel almost guilty about starting him then, because I am 99% certain that it will NOT be a good day for the boy. He doesn't like strangers and so I am totally stressing about leaving him there with people he doesn't know... granted, his teacher will be Nolan's old teacher, and I really couldn't ask for a better person to watch over him. She is awesome... and we have a good relationship, she keeps me up to date on what's going on and really cares about the kids in her class. She is top notch... but Sethy doesn't know that. He will just know that it's someone he doesn't know and wtf... why can't I have my bottle? What kind of shit is this? And why do I have to lay on this cushioned mat to take a nap? Don't these fools know I need the four walls of a crib to snooze?

And don't get me started on the eating issue.

But he'll be fine. Lots and lots of kids go to daycare and survive, and so will he... but I wouldn't be me if I didn't stress and fret over it every minute of every day.

I am feeling super fat today... I don't know what my deal is. If I am full, I equate it with being fat. I had a turkey sandwich, 18 mini pretzels and a banana. All in all about 8 points for lunch, TOTALLY acceptable... I've drank my 3 litres of water and I still feel like a hippo. I need to work on that. At this point, I am the thinnest I've been since having Nolan... I am 20lbs lighter at this moment than I was when I got pregnant with seth. I am about 15lbs away from my prepregnancy weight with Nolan (aka wedding weight)... but it hangs a whole lot different now that I've had two semi-ginormous babies in my belly. Seriously... when I weighed this much before (when I lost the weight initially) my midsection was so much smaller... or at least when I sat down it didn't look like it does now. And my face was thinner too.. this week I am trying to gain a little momentum and edge by working out both morning and night... so yesterday I got up at 5, did my power 90 and ab ripper and then last night did 60 minutes on the treadmill. I will do the power 90 every morning this week (already did it today!) and tonight I'll do 60 min on the elliptical machine.

I am so close to fitting into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes... and truthfully, some fit already, they just look like CRAP when I sit down. Yuck.

ready to cruise

hanging out


tired boy

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