Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer Break

I'm on summer break from school, it's my first week off... and I'm kind of ready to go back, lol... don't get me wrong, it's been beyond nice having the time with the kids and such... but oy. I am really struggling with how often Nolan and I are butting heads... yesterday and today have been much better... the key is distraction and keeping busy and me not letting small things lead to bigger things. But that's hard sometimes.

Anyhoo, this weekend we are having sethy baptized along with Lucas and attending Julia's 2nd birthday party as well. Here are some photos from a party we went to last month up at Khara and John's. There was even a bouncy house, the kids had a BLAST.

mmmm blue frosting is the YUMMIEST.

Emerson Grace
Sweet Baby Emerson

such a sweetie pie

Who goes there?
Julia climbs into the bouncy house

He is not sure what we are up to

Grinny Girl
she's such a pretty girl

My big boy

Pissed off
not a fan of the grass


taking a breather
taking a breather

Highly offended
I love the leg up in the air.

this was mid-shriek

Meeting of the minds
Laurel, Nolan and Julia ... a meeting of the minds

laugh or cry?
perhaps you didn't notice, but sethy is PISSED.

this is her cheese face, lol

And they called it puppy love
this will look so nicely framed on their wedding cake table someday, :)

Bouncy house!
Nolan was super apprehensive at first, but quickly discovered that bouncy houses are the bomb.

fussy boy
so sad

I love Hydrangea, and Khara and John had the prettiest Hydrangea bush in their back yard.

Emerson's big sister Laurel, she is so stinkin' cute, and I couldn't get over how much she was talking in sentences... she is about 6 mos older than Nolan, so I am hoping he will be talking that much when he's 2 1/2.

stranger danger
stranger danger, lol... he didn't trust his auntie Heather one bit.

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