Friday, August 03, 2007

Playing Hooky

So we are at home today playing hooky. I just could not get myself in gear to go into school today... there's only a few days left in the quarter (we are off from 8/10 to 9/17) but I am basically done and beyond giving a shit anymore.

Not to mention that Aaron's got kind of a wonky schedule today... he went back to day shift on Monday (which has been WONDERFUL) but he is working overtime and trying to earn a little extra on the side so he won't be home until after midnight most likely.


Anyhoo, It's 8:20a.m. and I've done two loads of laundry, started the de-artification of the bathroom (nolan and daddy's artwork w/ the bathtub crayons... the colors have dripped down and made everything look GRUNGY), fed the kids, drank some coffee and now Nolan and I are watching 'My Name Is Earl' while Sethy sleeps. Nolan LOVES this show. As do Aaron and I. They could not have cast that show any better.

In dental news, they were FINALLY able to finish the root canal on the bottom molar that was killing me. It is sore as hell now, but they said that was to be expected... my appt on wednesday was 4 hours long. FOUR FREAKIN HOURS! I was getting so antsy towards the end there, but I wanted to get it done. Now I need to have the permanent crowns seated... we are looking at a ridiculous amount of money to save these two teeth... for less than a fourth of what we will end up paying (with insurance I might add) we could have just pulled them, but I want to keep my teeth. It's not fair... I floss and brush somewhat obsessively and take vitamins and my teeth just SUCK. I hope the boys get Aaron's nice strong teeth.

anyhoo, I need to go search in my hope chest and see if I still have my abc Elmo doll in there... if not it is probably in my mom's storage unit... nolan is loving Elmo right now, and I want to show it to him.

it's hard to tell here, but he totally had that mischevious glint in his eyes while he was holding the hose... I may have met my match when it comes to water fights... only time will tell :)

I don't remember why he was crying here... maybe we took the hose away, I don't know.

Sethy reads daddy a book

some of Aaron's handywork

art by all of us, lol

guess who got his first bite at daycare? :( It's bruised now, but was really red and angry looking that first night.

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