Friday, August 24, 2007

More Pics

These were all taken after the baptism, we served chocolate cake and carrot cake to the congregation as a thank you and to celebrate the boys being christened.

I might add that if it weren't for the most awesome cousin in the world, none of these pictures would have been possible! Nolan's godmother, and my cousin-in-law Sarah took tons of pictures for us, and it was so nice to not have to try to juggle the camera and everything else. Thank you Sarah!!!!!

smooches from Auntie Ashley
smooches from Auntie Ashley... I see he has a mouthful of carrot cake there, so THAT'S where he got it! I had to fish out 3 walnuts from his mouth when he wouldn't chew them... though he did attempt to chew my finger, and like a pitbull, he wouldn't release.

mama and her girl
Heather and Julia

let daddy help you
Here, let daddy help you... Aaron helps sethy soothe himself with the tag on William.

getting baptized is hard work
Luke catches some post christening shut eye

what's under here?
He is such a tolerant daddy

pushing on the door to escape
They hatched an escape plan

He might be running, but as he did so he kept saying (and loudly) WOKKING! WOKKING!

playing together!
How freakin' cute are they?!!!

little flirt
my little flirt... Julia had just given him a kiss

I hope they are not licking the floor
don't worry, it only looks like they are licking the floor

daddy and his boy
Seth and his boy

little purple riding hood
The sweetness of this cape makes me want to WEEP.

Seth fell asleep in the swing, lol... he was sooo tired, look at that little belly!

Seth and Julia

tug of war?
tug of war?

Big blue eyes
Nolan coloring

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