Friday, July 06, 2007

Bday pics...

Just a few from Nolan's birthday...

we went with cupcakes this year, much easier and less garbage and cleanup

parents of the year that we are, he had nothing but chips and cupcakes that evening. *sigh* he doesn't like easy food like hamburgers and hotdogs (we had a bbq at the party)... and I spaced bringing him anything special, so chips and cupcakes it was. Oh well, you only turn 2 once right?

seth entertained himself

and many more....

mmmm cupcake

suckin' his lip, what he does best

showing off his scrunchyface

I was playing peekaboo with him while he was sitting in his tent, the smiles that resulted were awesome

My current favorite picture of Nolan... by far

my current favorite pic of seth... I love his little lipsuckin' face here. And that's 'william' that he's holding.

Eating at his picnic table that nana and papa got for him

he wanted to watch the wiggles from inside his tent on his "towch".

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