Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Heart Swells

I am so head over heels in love with these boys of mine some days it truly feels as though my heart will burst. You can totally tell my meds are working after this afternoon and a declaration like that. Read: Seth is teething and Nolan was tired/hungry/ and had an attitude to boot. It was a rough afternoon... BUT he redeemed himself by being super lovey and such before bed.

anyhoo, not too much else is going on, finally got a date set for Sethy's baptism. He and Lucas will be baptized together. Nolan's birthday is creeping up on us... and they are both still fighting off colds. suck.

how about some pictures?

Nolan and I on Mother's day


my little happy boy

gotta love those lashes

FOOL! Get me down!

theriouthly guyth. I want down.

taking Yoga to the next level

I'm telling you, that ant was THIS big.

Loving the swing

AGAIN with the pictures?

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