Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I put both boys down for the night a little bit ago. In the SAME room. They've yet to spend the night in the same room... wish us luck!

Man my freakin' teeth have been KILLING me the past few days. I need to just bite the bullet (no pun intended) and go to the dentist. But it's a pain in my ass. Or rather, my mouth. *sigh* I just kind of wonder if it's even a tooth issue because I can feel my body fighting off this cold/virus thing that the boys had... hence why sethy is in his bedroom with his brother tonight... last night I couldn't stop coughing and it was touch and go a few times w/ me waking him up. anyhoo... the last time I felt sick like this, my glands were the reason for the tooth ache... and again, it's the entire left side of my mouth so i wonder if that's the case this time.

The kids are doing better, seth's wheezing finally stopped though we are continuing the nebulizer treatments for a few days just to be sure. Nolan is doing great at daycare, not crying anymore when we get there or anything. The child absolutely astounds me on a daily basis with the stuff he does. He's recently figured out that he should say please when he wants something... this is especially heartbreaking when he is asking for something he can't have (because yes, I'm a wuss). Take this morning when he was getting ready to leave with me for school and he wanted his binky. We don't give him the binky after he gets up... as he can't really have it at daycare (they give it at naptime if he asks for it)... anyhoo, I said no and he tried to reach into the pocket of my sweatshirt (smart boy, he knows where it usually is) and I said "no honey, now let's go to school." He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "peeeez". *sigh* Man did I feel like an asshole. But on the upside he got a granola bar instead, so he was happy.

Man, I can feel the nyquil working... good thing it's only 7:20... I am hoping to get up nice and early again to go workout (didn't happen this morning.)

this is from my birthday on the 11th... I just love the look of anticipation and giddiness of nolan in the background... he LOVES it when we sing happy birthday.

Mr. Mohawk

he has the meanest parents ever you know

taken while we sang another round of happy birthday

Hillary the cutest dog ever... she lives up in Stanwood with Aaron's Grandma and Aunt and Uncle.

mr. tuff guy

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