Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh yeah I have a blog...

ahhh I suck. Or as my sister said this morning "your updating skills really suck." yeah well... I just dont' have time to update anymore!!! It WILL get better because we have both kids on a schedule now, and as soon as mr. seth is out of our bedroom and sharing a room w/ his big brother (probably at the end of march) I will have the use of my laptop in the evenings again. I could just bring it out in the living room.. but then Nolan will fuck with it, and we butt heads enough over the course of the day that it's just one other thing I don't want to deal with.

Not too much has been going on, we are housebound as the weather is NASTAY. Or should I say ICEY... or is it ICAY... anyhoo, Aaron has my car because the chains only fit on it, so the boys and I are hangin' out.

Aaron will likely be working nights come Monday for a month or two... he will be covering for someone who was injured... I'm looking forward to it actually... not the part where he'll be gone at night because that will suck majorly, but I like changing things up... stopping the monotony. I am hoping we'll be able to do fun stuff during the day when he's home if he's not too tired. That said, updates will likely return because I'll be BORED in the evenings when the kiddos are sleeping and he's at work.

As for the boys, they are good. Nolan is such a funny kid, he cracks us up daily. His list of words/sayings is now at:

pee-pee (and we have a video of him correctly identifying that part of his body: HYSTERICAL)
auntie (tee-tee)
shi (uses this for 'fish')
get down
GAH! (uses this for 'Ben')
A-E-I-O-U (don't ask, this is a daddy thing)
cack cack (quack quack)
cheese (deeeze)

And upon being asked, he points to his eye, ear, mouth, nose, hair, belly button and pee pee.

He still babbles most of the time, but he gets stuff and that in itself is hilarious. When I pinch Aaron and he yelps like a little girl... Nolan cracks right up!

Seth is getting bigger by the day... his 3-6 mos clothes fit pretty good, but the 3m onesies are a goner as of today. *sigh* he slept through the night the past 3 nights... Mon it was 8pm -715am Tues it was 7pm to 6:45am and last night it was 8pm to 5:30am... which kind of sucked but hey... it's still better than constant waking to eat. I am tempted to put them in the same room sooner if he keeps this up. (of course, just by typing that I am tempting fate.)

here are a few pictures:

in the mushroom hat, lol

this kid is a drooling fool, this expression cracks my shit up

my big sweet boy

nolan in his new car from nana and papa

also, I have a belly shot of my sister, but she would probably cut me if I posted it. ah well.

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