Friday, January 26, 2007


I'm such a fucking ray of sunshine lately... have I mentioned how much I hate Aaron's new work schedule? I have, oh well too bad. Let the complaining commence. I feel like I'm alone all the time, I feel like a single fucking parent. Though when he's home in the morning, he is a huge help... it's not that at all. I was just so used to the other schedule, it was a lot easier. The evenings sucketh hard and by the time Aaron gets home at night I'm exhausted, bitter and DONE. I am trying new things to fix the problem areas, it's just not easy. I realize that this is my problem, and I need to figure out how to deal with it, I'm just struggling. I feel overwhelmed w/ the housework and the childcare on my plate... and the balance that I'm trying to create, but it's just not coming very easy.

In other news, I wore the wrong shoes to the gym yesterday (athletic looking, but probably not truly appropriate for the gym) and as a result now have angry looking blisters underneath each big toe. I was going to go the gym today and swim instead, but then I remembered that would entail getting my fat ass into a bathing suit, and yeah... not so much in the mood. So I did a workout video and just breathed through the pain.

No real plans for the weekend yet. I hope to make it to Church on Sunday (need to get seth baptized!) other than that probably just going over to my parents. In that end, here are some pics...

Sethy all decked out for the last seahawk playoff game (a few weeks ago) not that it helped, the bastards still lost.

he loves kisses from the daddy

he got serious when the seahawks started losing

and downright ticked when they lost

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