Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I'm going to copy Nessa and rundown my past few new year's...

1999-2000 hung out at home with Lori and family... played games and waited for Y2K.
2000-2001 I *think* we hung out at home again, but I am not entirely sure.
2001-2002 sat at home and watched a movie with Lori.
2002-2003 My first New year with Aaron, therefore the best one I'd ever had.
2003-2004 we attempt to top our first new year's together by taking a trip to NYC woohoo!
2004-2005 Heather and sean and Lori and Ashley come over and we play board games and talk baby stuff (Heather and I were both preggo at the time)
2005-2006 Aaron and I had a nice little spread of hors d'oerves (that is probalby not spelled right, but who cares) and we play board games and I get drunk. lol.
2006-2007 I am in bed and asleep by 9pm, and Aaron follows suit an hour later. we are party ANIMALS.

But seriously, after the past week of stomach flu, and now headcolds... we just weren't up for much of anything. Usually I get all uptight about new year's but this year I could've cared less.

in other news, we have a very sick Molly on our hands. I noticed on Saturday night that she was yellow. I don't even know what possessed me to look at her gums, but something about her just didn't seem right. When I saw that her skin all over her was yellow I FREAKED OUT. I then realized that I couldn't remember the last time I saw her rip around the living room in a playful frenzy. I also realized how thin she looked... where the hell have I been? She's not a mammoth anymore. As I realized that, I remembered Aaron mentioning to me about a week ago that the cats weren't eating nearly as much, as he hasn't had to fill the food bowls up very much. We sort of sluffed it off as being cold weather related, but now I know why. She wasn't eating. She's also been trying to hide out in our bedroom A LOT and has become very very VERY mild mannered, especially where Nolan is concerned.

So I called around to every vet hospital in the area, it being a saturday night of a holiday weekend and all, my options were limited. I found one that charged 60 bucks instead of 85 and away we went. Fast forward about 2 hours to me standing in the exam room bawling my eyes out because just to treat and try to find out what the problem may be was going to cost me about 550 bucks. After a lot of crying and talking to the doctor (who was totally nice and understanding) they ended up giving her fluids under the skin and antibiotics and sending us on our way... I was going to take her into the doc today, but yesterday was the first day I could get her to take her meds w/o puking, so I want to wait another day or two... I don't know what we are going to do...

she is still pretty bright eyed and wants affection and is getting around ok, so I'm not convinced that she is in pain or suffering at this moment, I hope to get her into the vet tommorrow or the next day.

anyway, that's all for now... both kiddos are napping and I want some time to myself so here are some pictures...

our caped crusader

superman to the rescue!

my little mama's boy

his jumperoo is so funny!

you can kind of see how yellow she is on her ears here.

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