Thursday, December 07, 2006


Anyone else out there using blogger and the new blogger beta thing? It sucks ass. Big time. Will not recognize my username or password about 75% of the time. Seriously pissing me off.

You know what also sucks ass? This updating daily thing. Not digging it at all. I have no time for anything, let alone doing updates and yet I feel guilty if I don't eek an entry out before I crash into bed.

Nolan seems to be feeling a bit better, I had a runny nose all day, but am going on very little sleep (thanks seth!) so I am not sure if it's from being exhausted or what.

Simone in the comments asked if the green sweater Seth was wearing in the last set of pics I uploaded was Nolan's. yep! The very same! in fact most of what he wears once was nolan's. He got a handful of new outfits from friends and family, but 95% of his wardrobe is big brother's. Good eye :)

Anyhoo, here are a few santa pics... the one we actually purchased had nolan actually looking at and acknowledging the camera. These are all shots that Heather took.

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