Friday, December 01, 2006

New Layout and stuff

Ok, it's not totally new, but I wanted a change for the season. If it kills your eyes let me know, it seems bright to me, but red on white is bright too, so it may just be a case of getting used to it.

I signed up for holidailies as you can see by the icon in the sidebar, what this means is that I will be updating daily for the month of december. yay. my parents will be happy, lol.

I haven't been on much because I don't have much computer time anymore. Truth be told the reason I've gotten this done today is with the help of the Wiggles. Nolan's new best friends.

I have been up since 3:30am... sethy woke to eat and I had him back in his bed by 415am or so, but I was unable to fall back asleep. This ROCKS. Especially being the eve of a busy weekend. No naps today either, we have a picture appt at 2pm, then tonight we are going over to Lori and Seth's for a birthday party (Seth's 26th). Tommorrow morning we have brunch w/ my parents (mom, I'm bringing the hashbrown casserole), and then in the afternoon we are driving down to Yelm for our nephew's birthday dinner. Sunday morning are more pictures and possibly a visit w/ santa. Although I don't expect that to go over very well, lol.

In a testament to how sleepy I am today (even though I just drank a very large bowl of coffee) I was trying to get this web stuff done and nolan is pissing and moaning and throwing fits and I was like "wtf is his problem today?" Then he comes and throws his snack cup at me (which I had filled w/ cheerios when he woke up) and I realized that piece of shit I am, I forgot to give the kid breakfast. niiiice. Poor buddy.

Sethy had his 2 month check up last week... 13lbs and 23"! Big Boy! We are also completely done breastfeeding... on his one month birthday I decided I was not going to fret about it anymore and just be happy if I could still breastfeed, but if it was too hard, then I was just going to be happy I was able to nurse him at all and be done w/ it. I ended up pumping more than nursing and he got his last breastmilk bottle on his 2 month birthday. I have made my peace w/ it and am happy he is fed and healthy and that he was able to get it for 2 mos.

I am also completely addicted to myspace... if you're on there friend me, and in lieu of pictures today (because I'm lazy and I really REALLY need to get off the computer and go change a stinky diaper) you can go check it out: my myspace

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