Friday, December 22, 2006

I would rather be a bitch than an idiot.

Just had to add this, I've been selling some stuff on ebay and this woman I came across this week has been a true pain in the ass.

backstory: I listed 2 sweaters w/ shipping set at $5 per sweater. They were two seperate auctions. She won both auctions, each sweater went for like 2 and 3 bucks a pop. ok fine. I send her an invoice, lumping them together and giving her a break on shipping down to $6 bucks instead of 10 for both.

here is the email exchange that then takes place:

From Her:

I think you made a mistake on the shipping.. The auction mail price was only $5 so it can't be $11 for both.. When you combine shipping it is normally a lower amount... Let me know.. DONNA

My Reply:

Hi there, you purchased this item: (Linked the item) and the shipping was $5.

you also purchased this item: (linked to the item) which also had a shipping cost of $5.

I combined both into one package and reduced the final shipping cost to $6 instead of $10.

For some wierd reason it didn't show up on the invoice that you purchased both items, but I know when I created the invoice, it did... that's how I knew you purchased both items. strange.

anyhoo, I hope this clears it up a bit, lol. Your total $ owed is $11 for both auctions including shipping. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with :)

Her reply:

I will be glad to pay when the shipping is adjusted.. I won't pay more then the listing ship price.. I know everyone is busy this time of year so Merry Christmas.. DONNA

My reply (admittedly I was BEYOND irritated):

you know what fine. you won TWO of my auctions, I LOWERED THE SHIPPING PRICE TO BE NICE but since you don't want me to do that, I will resend the invoices and you can pay the shipping full price on both instead of the REDUCED price I sent you.

gah. merry christmas.

*** I might add I got a receipt for payment in full about an hour later***

Her reply (the next morning):

The invoice that i had this morning for both sweaters said $11 and would not let me change it.. I haven't been home all day and you must have changed it after I tried to pay early this morning... I'm not trying to be hard to get along with... If you list an item on ebay you take a chance on low bids.. that is what happens sometimes... It isn't my fault you didn't get more for your sweaters...

My reply:

seriously, stop emailing me, you are an idiot.


I was trying to save you $4.00 in shipping since you were the winning bidder in TWO AUCTIONS of mine... I was trying to do a nice thing.

That's all... I sent you an invoice for LESS than the actual amount because you won both auctions, and when you continued to be a pain in my ass by acting like I was trying to get more money out of you I sent you the final invoice w/ the original amount... therefore causing you to pay 10 dollars in shipping instead of 6 dollars.

I don't care that the sweaters only went for a few bucks, I have no issue with that. I was trying to SAVE YOU MONEY IN SHIPPING BECAUSE I AM A NICE PERSON and you have been nothing but a pain in the ass about it.

Her reply:

Oh and nice people don't call other people assholes.... goodbye

My reply:

um, I didn't call you an asshole. I called you an idiot and a PAIN in the ass... perhaps you have me confused with some other ebay seller that you pissed off.

next time I try to be nice and save someone some cash, shoot me.

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