Friday, December 22, 2006

I suck at daily updating

I admit it, I suck. But with good reason... we had lost power for like 3 days, then I've been suffering from anxiety attacks (go heartracer go!) and general mass hysteria surrounding the holiday festivities.

me so busy.

the kids are doing great, nolan is such a smarty. We have a game we play in the bathroom (yes, the child comes with me when I pee, it's just easier that way). Anyway he waves bye to me and I say "bye bye" and then he shuts the bathroom door. I say "where's nolan?" and he opens it and shrieks at me. Lather, rinse, repeat. he does this every time we are in the bathroom together.

The other day he also pointed to the cupboard under the bathroom sink and said "ca-ca". aaahhhh, the boy is a genius. :)

anyhoo, it's 10:20 am and I have made 200 pretzel candies, I have baked almost 6 dozen secret kiss cookies and 5 dozen oatmeal scotchies. I am off to make 3 pans of fudge and possible some buckeyes and chocolate peanut butter bars. Tommorrow all I will have left to do is the oreo truffles I think... oh, and I made 10 batches of glazed walnuts last night.


here are some recent pics:

So much fun to be had with the shower curtain

I just want to eat him up

a group photo of my mom's group, we got together for a christmas cookie exchange a few weeks ago

Heather and seth share a laugh

or two

nolan and julia on a lunch date

miss julia

the grin here, is because he was backing up from me and fell ass backwards into that bumbo and I laughed so hard at his reaction he totally stopped crying and started laughing too.

one of his other girlfriend's... this bear sings and he always ALWAYS makes a beeline for it when we go to nana and papa's.

after the cookie exchange, he was tuckered out

seth and daddy

seth enjoying his time upright

he fell asleep in the jumperoo


aww, sharing is fun!

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