Saturday, December 30, 2006


so much for the updating daily goal. ah well.

So yeah... christmas, holy crap was that just a week ago? I'll summarize in bullet points:

-xmas eve started out peaceful, but by the time we got Nolan up from his nap he wouldn't eat lunch and was a CRANK. (hint #1 that I should've figured out something was wrong.)
-after he ate lunch we packed up the car and drove about an hour away to Aaron's mom's house in Roy... Nolan whined and cried about 3/4 of the way there. (uh, hint #2)
-upon entering Inez's house (Aaron's mom) Aaron says to me "um, we need to change Nolan."
Me: "ok"
Aaron: "no, I mean it, I have shit on my arm." (hint #3 perhaps?"
-he'd had a pretty disgusting blowout up the back of his adorable christmas outfit. Luckily, I'd brought an extra christmas outfit (what can I say, we were spoiled this year!) and he wore that instead.
-Nolan continued to whine and cry and basically be a pill for about the first 1/2 hour that we were there, finally chilling out when he was satisfied that noone was going to hurt him/take him/sell him to the gypsies/ make him into lovely nolan skinned boots/etc.
-We left after about 3 hours to head to my annual family gathering of my dad's side, and nolan screeched and screamed the entire 1.5 hour drive there.
-at one point during a lull in the screaming I called my mom and in the middle of the conversation turned around in the car and screamed back at him "JESUS NOLAN, ENOOOOOUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!" (stellar parenting moment).
-upon entering my aunt's house, nolan decided that THIS was where people were going to hurt him/take him/sell him to the gypsies/ make him into lovely nolan skinned boots/etc and proceeded to scream and cry and slap at his great aunts and uncles. (Much to my EXTREME embarassment).
-he settled down once I took him to the living room where there were only a few people and then once the other kids got there he had a ball.
-we left there at 10pm and went to my parent's house, where we were gifted with a giant diaper of liquid shit. (ok, now I picked up on it, someone must have a tummy bug.)
-we camped out in the living room where I had to contend with the chorus of the snorers (seth, lori and aaron) and seth and lori had to contend with the chorus of bullshit noise (monitor/noise from the sleep cd nolan was listening to on the other side of the wall/and my christmas music radio station(I listen to that so I don't concentrate on the snoring).
-we got up, opened stockings, opened presents, limited nolan's food to bread and water (ok, and milk and crackers) and changed several liquidy shit diapers. (it sounds like we didn't have a good time, but we did! We got lovely presents and had yummy food and played board games (I was in heaven!))
-we went home and that night Aaron said "hmm. I feel nauseous."
-that night Aaron develops a cough, has problems w/ his hiatal hernia (read: choking and sputtering) and deals with the lovely tummy virus... we are up all.night.long. (miraculously though sethy sleeps through it all.)
-the next day I take the boys over to my parents, and then Nolan goes to the pediatrician for his 18 month check up (28.3lbs, 32.75") and four shots. I proceed to nap the rest of the afternoon on and off on their couch and tell Aaron when we get home "hmmm... I feel nauseous."
-the next day (yesterday) I am achy, I have horrible tummy cramps and I am treated to a whopping FIVE liquid shit diapers. Nolan seems to be in better spirits, I get both boys to nap at the same time (HALLELUJAH!) and I get to lay in bed and drift in and out of sleep for about 2 hours... under 6 blankets/quilts AND laying on a heating pad, I never fully warmed up. I go to bed at 9pm to awake at 7am today.
-as it stands today I feel 100% better, though I am most definitely still in the throws of the virus (but it is truly amazing how the absence of body aches makes you feel completely well), Aaron seems back to himself, Nolan's little butt is so raw it makes me hurt just thinking about it ... his diarrhea seems to be gone, but he's still going a lot and his tush can't catch a break. he's slathered in balmex and cornstarch.
-oh and Aaron and Nolan both seem to have caught colds. LOVELY.

overall it was a very nice holiday, we were all showered with lots of love and goodies and it was neat to see Nolan opening up his gifts.

The suckage is that with all the sickness the house looks like a tornado hit it, the laundry has piled up and we got our electricity bill after being gone a total of 3 nights and not being home during many of the days in the past two weeks, it's the same fucking price as last month... HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE? Our bill is always pretty predictable, so I don't know what to think. I am calling PSE on monday and asking about it though, because for 2.5 days we didn't even have power and w/ the holidays we haven't been home much AT ALL... whether it was out shopping or staying w/ family... it really makes no sense.

Lastly, we have a forced air heating system in our home... one thermostat for the entire house (SUCK SUCK SUCK!). We have one vent in the dining room that serves the entire dining/living area (SUCK!) and vents in both bathrooms (closed) and bedrooms. We rarely used it because we assumed that it would cost a lot more to run the main heat than to just use plug in heaters... we have a radiating heater in the living room and one that runs in nolan's room based on temperature.

what is your opinion on the portable heaters? More expensive than just using the main heating system? We keep the one in the living room on from about 5:30am until about 9pm and Nolan's is on during naptime if it is cold (about 2 hours) and from about 7pm at night until the next morning at 7am.)

If we were to run the main heat it would likely be on most of the day and then at night as well... as nolan's room and ours lately is like a freakin' tomb.


and now a few pictures:

Aaron and seth on Christmas Eve

Nolan and his auntie Brandi open a present

Nolan modeling the hat that his Godmother Sarah got for him (sethy got a matching one too)

his mama is so mean

nolan showing his angelic side to his great grandma and auntie angie

Nolan gets his first pound puppy from auntie brandi

see, I am angelic

Seth's pensive look

mama's little christmas present

Photo taken by Aaron at the computer desk; quality time :)

Have a Happy New Year!!!!

***edited to add***

Oh yeah and I chopped my hair this week!!!! I LOVE IT!

the inspiration:

the before:

and the after:

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