Sunday, December 10, 2006

5 things...

5 things I love about this time of year:
1. Christmas music
2. Christmas lights
3. shopping for presents
4. baking goodies
5. the glow the tree gives the living room

5 things I dislike about this time of year
1. the commercialism
2. the greed
3. the fucking traffic at the mall
4. the weight I gain from the goodies
5. how quickly it's all over

5 tv shows I can't live without
1. cash cab
2. ER
3. Wife Swap/Trading Spouses
4. Oprah
5. The View (shut up)

5 tv shows I hate with a passion
1. Jerry Springer
2. that 70's show
3. dharma and greg
4. the office
5. scrubs

5 things about being a mom that kick ass
1. the smiles and coos from Seth
2. the loves and kisses from Nolan
3. the discovery of regular things as being spectacular
4. the funny things they do
5. the sweetness of it all

5 things about being a mom that don't really kick ass
1. the poop
2. the snot
3. the vomit
4. the defiance
5. the early hours

5 things I would like to do in my lifetime
1. lose about 60lbs
2. live in Manhattan, NY
3. have one more baby
4. own a house
5. travel through europe

5 things I need to do in the next year
1. start school
2. help Lori plan a wedding
3. throw two showers and a bachelorette party
4. get my teeth cleaned
5. lose about 40lbs

5 things I never want to do ever ever ever
1. discover a spider anywhere in my house
2. get in a car accident
3. fight w/ aaron
4. lose anyone close to me
5. gain anymore weight

5 things I would love to eat right now
1. a pretzel candy
2. a krackel candy bar
3. a cherry cordial hershey kiss
4. some really good chocolate cake
5. some salty french fries from mcd's.

5 things I am wishing for for christmas
1. a good night's sleep. (seriously)
2. to win the lottery
3. a 5lb weight loss
4. snowman/penguin stuff
5. the promise of perfect health for the next year

5 things I need to go do right this very minute
1. put water in the humidifier
2. get ready to rock seth to sleep
3. turn the effing heat on already
4. brush my teeth
5. get in my jammies

and on that note, I am outta here.

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