Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sorry this will be short, but it'll be mostly pics, so I don't feel too bad. I am not feeling well; feeling sick AGAIN... the shitty sleep I've been getting surely isn't helping.

We've been having breastfeeding troubles and he doesn't settle well at night, though he sleeps like the dead in the daytime. I have a sore throat, nolan's cutting FOUR molars right now and his poor little butt is RAW from the diaper rash. And Aaron's lucky to be alive after the past two nights of snoring. seriously.

He loves him some kitties.

Asa stalks him when he carries henry around because there is a loose thread. It looks here as if nolan's saying "no way jose!"

he looks so grown up here

I absolutely love this outfit

his cheesy grin

perfecting ways to give me a heart attack

Man he was yellow here... he will not be as jaundiced as nolan was, I believe his eyes aren't even yellow anymore. hooray!

obviously taken about 10 days ago when t-shirts were still ok to wear in the house... now it's all about the fleece sleepers and long sleeved onesies. IT'S COLD.

he's bored already

so sleepy

such a peanut

that's all for now, nolan and I need breakfast before we waste away. ;)

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