Thursday, October 26, 2006


So, I've been trying to teach Nolan sign language for a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time now. Mainly just 'all done' and 'more'. Neither of which he has ever really seemed interested in picking up and using.

Until recently.

He flat out refuses to use the sign for 'more'... just won't do it, and won't say it. Fine. No biggie. I am still using it and if he decides to one day, then great. He has used 'all done' once or twice in context (mainly after a meal, signalling that it's time to get down from the high chair)... but even if Aaron and I do it, he usually doesn't.

Recently though he has started using it in the funniest way... if we are changing his diaper or wiping his face and hands or changing his clothes... or brusing his teeth, washing his hair... you name it, if it's causing him discomfort or displeasure then he uses it. It cracks my shit up because he does it and does it good.

Today I was so tired. Soooo tired. I was so tired that I felt nauseated and at one point had to run to the bathroom to vomit. Nolan came after me and stood in the bathroom as I puked into a trash bag and was visibly distressed. He started to whine/cry, and I looked up from the bag (mid heave) and smiled and said "it's ok" in my gravelly pukey voice. He stopped whining for a second and then bam. He started frantically doing the sign for 'all done'. I had to laugh. Then I puked some more, but then I laughed about it all day... this kid never ceases to amaze me... his little quirks and funnies.

binky baby


Julia gives seth the once over

Hurricane Nolan doing what he does best :)

Our little swede

so sleepy

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