Friday, September 01, 2006

So Tired

(originally posted 8.19.06)

we've had a busy few days, I'm still arguing w/ my hosting company and actually am checking into different companies that are NOT fucked up. Ugh. I'm so over this.

Anyway, today was a rough day... Nolan had a wierd sleep day yesterday that threw his schedule off by a few hours, and thusly today took a short morning nap and proceeded to have a not so good afternoon... The car ride to the petting zoo (where we met up w/ Heather and Julia) was a good hour and 15 mins... he was hungry, tired and PISSED OFF. Cried about half the way... my nerves were pretty much shot when we got there.

He was ok when I fed him and got him out of the stroller (though he tried hogging all of Julia's watermelon... note to self: BUY WATERMELON) and he had fun on the swings, but once we got into the petting zoo area... he wanted to crawl on the woodchips, not walk. Not happening. Not to mention there were ... cow pies around. ew. He thought it was pretty cool to sit next to a baby cow, but when I picked him up to move along ... arched back, went limp as a fish and SCREAMED. I dealt w/ that a few times and then told Heather that I was done... it was hot, my pants kept falling down (FUCKING MATERNITY PIECES OF SHIT!) and I was still not completely recovered from the ride up.

So we made our way back up to my car and Nolan did really well for about the first half of the way home... He even fell asleep, but woke up when we hit bellevue, and proceeded to cry and scream from there until Kent. *sigh* It was that cry that kind of freaks you out, because it's only usually reserved for pain and other super upsetting moments... it was a loooong ride home, with me blinking back tears of frustration as well.

When we got home he refused his pm nap (thanks to the cat nap in the car), but for the most part was pretty agreeable and even happy. He ate a great dinner and then fought sleep when we put him down (a half hour early)... I'm looking forward to a new day tommorrow. We both had a rough time today :)

Here are some pics of the day:

The watermelon thief

Julia, enjoying her lunch

A post lunch swing

Miss Julia enjoying her time in the swing

So HAPPY to be out of his carseat!!!!!

Taking things one step at a time

Julia getting acquainted with a calf

Nolan was quite enamored with the calf as well

He kept touching it's ears and eye... poor calf.

The ONE time I could get him to look at me, he was too fascinated, lol

Heather and Julia checking out the other animals

Auntie Heather and Nolan... he was mid-tantrum and she offered to take him over there, I just couldn't carry him... it was like wrestling one large contorting muscle.

Julia and Auntie Al

Last night at azteca, he was being awfully cute

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