Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I am not a pleasant pregnant person today. I'm better now (it's shortly before 11am) but last night and this morning I was in PAIN. Crotch pain, back pain, my ribs hurt, this giant child inside of me has been stretching a lot (and I don't blame him, I get claustrophobic just thinking about how cramped it must be in there.

I have two more O.B. appts left before the big day... one is tommorrow, and I am going to tell her flat out tommorrow that I am probably not going to go in to the next one. Getting Nolan and myself out of the house and him over to my parent's house (as he has MAJOR anxiety when I am up on the table even just getting my blood pressure taken) just about does me in. Just going to the supermall yesterday and walking around once, at a SNAIL'S pace... I was so uncomfortable and in pain last night that I was a total bitch to be around.

I don't fancy this feeling. So today we are doing nothing. zip. zilch. nada. All I've done besides take care of nolan, is sit on the couch, surf the net and play texas hold 'em on aaron's xbox. oh and I've already eaten too much ice cream for the day, but I don't even care.

Oh yeah and my limbs/hands are numb all the time. It's awesome.

Daddy and Nolan read a book together

Tickle, tickle, tickle!

My how he loves his daddy.

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