Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I wasn't going to update today...

But the boss is sleeping and I am getting sleepy myself. I don't like to take naps because I am a heinous bitch when I wake up from them. So instead, I'll update!

Haven't done much today...Just the usual bit of housework/dishes/laundry... I way overdid things yesterday and am suffering today because of it. Yesterday I woke up in a FOUL mood... so I put myself to work to try and get rid of it. I : had an o.b. appt, washed my car, folded 2 loads of laundry, rearranged the dining room, vacuumed the living room and diningroom, reorganized the junk drawer, did 2 other loads of laundry, took my mom's push cart thing back, and I would've vacuumed out my car but I had no change and was starting to hurt by then.

All last night and today my lower tummy is so sore... so today was a do nothing day. I have a hair appt tommorrow and I am getting the itch to go bum around the supermall, so we may do that on friday to kill time. who knows.

I'm almost 37 weeks... tired. Big. Tired. Tired of being Big. Tired of being uncomfortable. The end is in sight, it's just a little farther than I'd like.

I haven't been having many braxton hicks, but my back is sore, I can barely sit up straight most of the time (Thankfully Aaron moved my laptop to the living room so I can update from the couch where I have more back support.), and I have numbness that comes and goes in my extremities... mainly my arms and hands. Oh and the swelling. It's great. up 6lbs in 5days. MOTHERFUCKING WONDERFUL.

Here are some pics from July...

This face he makes cracks me up

He looks like such a big boy here

So happy to play with his stroller

perhaps he's getting tired of the camera, no?

Us in late July

scrunchy face

Just leave me alone and let me fix this stroller!

Nolan and I at the zoo

I believe we were checking out the monkeys in this pic

Sleepy head on the way home from the zoo

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