Tuesday, July 18, 2006


How long do cats live? Yesterday I (STUPIDLY) bought the arm & hammer litter box deodorizer powder... I had used it years ago, and thought "well gee, this can't hurt". So when we got home I sprinkled some in the litterbox and around it. Fast forward to this afternoon when Aaron gets home and we see that Asa has SHIT ON OUR BED. Yes, that's right. On my beautiful handmade quilt that my aunt gave us for our wedding... SHIT ON IT.

I don't know if Irate is the right word to describe my feelings then... It's rare that I want to actually choke the living daylights out of the cats, but that was one of those moments. Aaron and I cleaned it up as best we could and shoved the damn thing into a sack, and I will call around to dry cleaners today. *sigh*

the deodorizer WAS a bit obnoxious... I had fans going and windows open yesterday because I could taste the shit. but still... The cats are now banned from the bedroom, and from nolan's room (it's so fun to keep the doors closed all day long), and at night we cover the couch anyway, but I have taken to piling nolan's toys on it so the stupid fucker can't even get up there. I don't want to get rid of him, I've had him since he was a teeny tiny 6 week old kitty... but I'm not going to deal with this baloney either. If he ruined that quilt... I just don't know what I'm going to do.

In other news the stupid fuckers who are painting our condos were pressure washing yesterday. do you think they put out a written notice saying that they would be doing so and it might be wise to keep your windows shut? No, of course not. I was sitting in the living room w/ nolan yesterday when water started coming through the screen door of the slider, and the fan that was sitting in front of it began spraying it all around. NIIIIIICE. I sent a note to our property manager, because I'm sorry, but that's UNACCEPTABLE.

What also is unacceptable is the fact that a few minutes later, I am sitting there and this guy appears at my sliding glass door... we are on the second floor. He knocks on it and I open it (I had shut it after the water came spraying through) and he says "I'm going to be pressure washing your deck now." I say "yeah, I kind of figured that, when you were spraying the outside of it a few minutes ago you soaked my carpet and the fan blew water everywhere." he sort of chuckles and shuts the door.

What I have a bigger problem with is hello!? I am 7.5 mos pregnant... hardly anything fits, and I traipse around here in a tanktop and underwear most days. The less binding clothes the better... how about a little fucking notice that strange men may appear on my deck out of nowhere?!

fuck a duck that pisses me off.

Lastly, Nolan is doing good... he's dangling the whole walking thing in front of us right now... taking 1-2 steps pretty regularly, and then belly flopping onto the floor. My mom and aaron think it'll happen soon... I think the child likes to hear me grunt and groan, so it'll be a while. :) I did a stupid thing yesterday and carried him in his stroller up the stairs and have had some awesome crotch pain since doing so. Baby is still very active, so I'm not worried, just sore. I think we may decide today is pajama day and do NOTHING. Although I did have a thank you card printed up at costco (I only printed one to see if they cropped it too much), so we may go pick that up as an excuse to get one of their chocolate covered ice cream bars. omg those are divine.

How about some pictures?

In the backseat of Auntie Heather's van w/ julia just hangin out

He looks good in orange, no?

What a big boy!

the cake I made from SCRATCH that we took over to my mom's and surprised them with on their anniversary (which is also nolan's birthday)

someone was TIRED.

Miss Julia looking adorable as usual. check out those pigtails!

sometimes I get the feeling he doesn't enjoy the camera so much.

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