Thursday, June 15, 2006

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2nd baby showers... a faux pas?

To be clear, I am not comfortable w/ a traditional shower this time around given that I just had one last year and a wedding shower the year before that. I would like to do something to celebrate the baby, but we are set in terms of clothing and supplies for the most part...except diapers, obviously we aren't registering... there is just no need.

In terms of celebrating the baby I am hesitant to do a 'meet the baby' party because I don't fancy taking time out to leave the festivities to go nurse him and nursing in front of everyone is not happening. The idea has been brought up of doing a diaper shower but I'm not sure it's in good taste.

thoughts? Opinions? (and speaking of diapers --this is for nessa, because she asked me this question in a forum we belong to and I don't think I answered it there* I know I was considering cloth diapering in the past but I think I was delirious... I hate hate HATE laundry so I don't see us going that route. ) I should note that I'm not against 2nd, 3rd or 4th showers... I woulnd't think twice before attending one, but I know everyone is different, and I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks.

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