Saturday, June 17, 2006

Picture Picture Picture

We went to the picture people today, to get nolan's 12 mos portraits... yeah we're early, but I had an AWESOME coupon that expires tommorrow (instead of a pose being 46 bucks, it was 10 bucks.)

In a nutshell it didn't go good. Because Nolan is mobile now, he sees NO reason to stand/sit still and smile for the camera... the result is baby torture and frustrated parents. To her credit, the photog did her best, but these were what we ended up w/...
We ordered these:

and we got this one in a 5x7 and 4 wallets because I REALLY wanted a pic of him w/ the number one to commemmorate his birthday... he was halfway between crying and laughing... I hate this expression as he usually is mr. whiny pants when he is making this face, but it is kind of amusing, so we bought it. All in all, had Aaron not been w/ me I would have left in tears, giving up.

and these are the ones we chose not to get

and for kicks here was aaron and nolan's father's day shot from walmart:

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